Orion-D is able to detect UAVs/drones as well as the remote control at 500 to 2000m depending on the transmitted signals and operating environment of the UAVs/drones and remote control.  The system is able to detect, recognize the type and location of the drone. It is able to find the location of the drone operators.  This is a real-time frequency spectrum monitoring and direction finding system with a 3D array antenna system. The detection coverage is 3600 for both vertical and horizontal angle.  Orion-D can be deployed at fixed location to protect a critical infrastructure and facilities or used as a mobile unit on vehicle.  At least two Orion-D system are needed in order to get the location of the drones. With only one system, it can detect the drone and give the direction and elevation of the drone. Single system can detect multiple drones. Two detection systems are needed to combine the bearing of each detection so as to get the location of the drone through intersecting the Drone Detection System, including:

  • Real-Time RF Command Center / Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz – 6GHz) with carrying case with rolls, accessories
  • 3D tracking array antenna with 8 sector bypass amplifier, POE power supply, heavy tripod and 3m N cable, Black antenna housing
  • Incl. Acceptance Test, Installation & Training in customer location, Vehicle not included
  • Incl. One year Warranty.


  • Incl. Free Drone Database Update by TRD during warranty period. All the new drones data tested by TRD will be given at FOC during this period. Customer can add in drone data by themselves during and after warranty period.