Technology Overview


Commercially available Anti-Drone solutions usually use jammer (jamming the frequencies used by the drones to make the drone crash or go away), net (by another drone or from the ground shooter), and eagle (to catch and stop the drones) and so on. However, our solution is different from these. We design our Anti-Drone solution with the main intention of taking over the control of the drone. Instead of blindly jamming the frequency signal, our system scans (all Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency bands), detect and identify the particular drone and disable the drone fight controller if the drone intrudes a restricted flying zone. That means our solution will not affect other nearby equipment which might use similar frequencies as the drone. Also, our solution can automatically monitor the designated area all the time in order to detect drone intrusion. That allows our solution to work 24 hours a day without the need of human intervention.


Technology Features & Specifications


  • Scan - Able to scan surrounding area for all IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies band. List out all AP SSID including Drone SSIDs and MAC Addresses. Can filter and list only Drone SSIDs.
  • Detect - Able to detect Drone flying in the scan vicinity coverage area. List out all the Drones by SSIDs and MAC Addresses. 
  • Take Control - Able to take over control of Drone by disconnecting original user that is controlling the Drone.
  • Mitigate - Able to instruct the intruding Drone to land gracefully or fly back to its original location
  • Black & White List - Able to automatically scan, detect and take over control of Drone that is not listed in the White List.
  • Slave and Master Antenna Nodes - Able to setup Antenna Slave and Master Nodes for big scale deployment where Slave Nodes can send back the real-time data back to the Master Node with central management capability.
  • Alert and Status - Able to provide alert if any Drone is detected within the coverage area. Provides status of all Antenna Nodes and the action taken (success or failure).


Potential Applications


The Anti-Drone solutions is suitable for both private and public sectors.

  • Public sectors - Protection of Government Buildings, President Palace, Parliament House, Military Base (Land, Air, Maritime) and Police Bases etc.
  • Private sectors - Protection of Airport, Power Plant and Transmission Station, Telecommunication Radar and Satellite, Stadium (For example: France deploys Anti-Drone solutions to protect Euro 2016), Train Station, Shopping Mall, High Rises Office and Hotel Buildings etc.

There are too many incidents on Drones in near miss with Aircraft that resulted in FAA (USA) and many Airport Authorities looking for a strategic solution.


Customer Benefits



Our Anti-Drone solution is capable of detecting and identifying commercial and hobbies drones; mitigate and take control of Drones by means of innovative interceptions; and neutralize potential terrorist attacks through the use of Drones. It also helps to preserve and extract any evidence captured for further analysis and investigations by the authority.