Daily effort to get better, smarter and always reach high goal is one of our value in PT MULTISYSTEM INFRA ENGINEERING, wherther through formal education, sharpening skills by training, or having good intelectual conversation at the coffee shop.
This year is the third year that we support nusanta.run whose goal is to better Indonesian education by supporting and raising fund for child education and their teachers all over Indonesia.
This year we support nusanta.run for its 5th event. During the 127.9 km from Purwokerto to Dieng runners will experience different multitude of views, terrain and local hospitality. Nusantarun contribution will be focused on creating a sustainable impact in Dieng that is centered around education. Nusantarun are collaborating with IOA and local schools to execute this program. With its target of 2 Billion rupiah fundraised we hope this can create enough impact to change condition in Dieng.